Monday, May 6, 2013

Upcoming Surgeries

Since we have a few over the next few months, thought I'd share a little more about them. Not only that, I think it might have been a bit confusing talking about both boys at once.  Someone asked about Max using crutches and he will not be as he's not the one having anything done to his leg.  So, a few quick things. 

Irina.  I know I haven't talked about her but she needs dental surgery.  Getting wisdom teeth pulled.  Can do that at any time so was trying to schedule around the other more major surgeries.  Though trust me, I had all 4 at once done & am by no means downplaying it.  Luckily, Irina only needs one wisdom tooth removed. 

Now, Bojan.  Bojan is having his clubfoot amputated.  Many would think why would a clubfoot need amputation.  Bojan had a few surgeries in Serbia on it before coming to America.  Once here, he had more surgeries.  However, he also had one not so great surgery job (same guy that did the botched surgery job on Alyona) on his leg.  Duke then tried to fix it.  After years and years, Bojan is still in severe pain daily.  Hurts him to stand, walk, anything.  He has literally begged us and Duke to get it amputated for 2 years now.  Duke won't do it and simply suggested pain meds the rest of his life.  So, we went to Shriners for a consult and that is who is doing his surgery.  His surgery is scheduled officially for July 30th.  July 29th he will have pre-op.  I want to be there but given our current situation, I will have to stay home w/ the rest of the kids.  Warren will go it alone.  I wanted to be there but at this point, can't.  Bojan will be in a wheelchair for about a month.  He can't do crutches b/c of the way his prosthetic locks.  We've tried it before.  Never works.  Problem is, this house is not wheelchair accessible and is always tough after surgeries for him. 

Little One will also have surgery this summer.  I won't elaborate at the moment.  It will be outpatient so that is good.  I think recovery shouldn't be too bad.  More on this at a later date.  Hers will be either in the end of July or August.  Guessing August w/ the way docs schedule out so dog gone far. 

Finally, Max's surgery.  He is having surgery on his shoulder.  Currently, he is holding it in place by an ace bandage.  He takes it off here and there.  Today, he didn't wear it to school.  His shoulder pops off.  He has to put it back in several times a day.  Surgeon will fix it.  It's some suspenor ligament or something like that that holds it in place.  Recovery for Max is 3 months.  He loves throwing the kids up in the air and playing w/them.  He does it everyday.  Kids miss that.  He can't hold the Littles any more w/ his right arm.  This will be tough on him.  Max is our hard worker and loves to do hard labor.  Not happening for at least three months.  Max's surgery is scheduled for May 22nd. 

But, that's the short surgery update.  More to come as it gets closer.  Hoping all goes well.  More in a bit.  Enjoy your evening folks.

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