Saturday, May 11, 2013

RV for sale

It has come time to sell C-MOW.  Chaos Manor on wheels has served us very, very well.  But, our family unexpectedly grew this year and a different set up would serve us best.  A little about our RV.  It is a class A motorhome.  1995 Holiday Rambler Endeavor LE model.  It was serviced last year for $3,000 and that included 6 brand new tires.  As you can imagine,  you will have to do NOTHING to this rv for quite some time except fill it w/ food for trips.  It is definitely ready to roll.  We have loved travelling in this RV.  Plenty of storage to be sure.  We are located in Garner, NC.  Those interested, please email us at  Selling for $13,500.  If you look on RV trader you will see this is a VERY fair price for the same exact model elsewhere.  Time for a few pictures.

Love the incompleted fence, huh?

Hard to get a shot w/ the other car parked where it is.  It is a 32' RV.  Gas.

Side view.  Underneath is all storage.  Generator is on the driver's side.

Another view.  Sorry for the messy yard.  Steps are automatic.  All awnings pull out just fine as well.  No rips or tears in them. 

Dinette converts to a bed.   In addition, lift up the cushions and that is ALL storage.  Love it! 

Couch has places for 3 seatbelts.  Chair across has one seat belt.  Dinette has 4 seatbelts.  Couch folds out into a bed.

Okay, that is NOT dirt or stains.  My kids tracked leaves in as I was taking pictures.  URGHH!!!  Carpet is clean.  Very neutral colors in here.

Tried to get a close up but it was hard.  Odometer is around 59,000 miles on it.

Drivers seat.  Seats in the front are leather.  This RV has the sun blocking shades in the entire unit.  

Kitchenette area. Stove is propane.  Works fantastic.  Dual sink area.  Microwave.  Again, all works perfect w/ no issues whatsoever.

The black doors are the refridgerator.  Standard RV fridge.  The mirrored doors next to it are bigger than they look and allow for ample storage and place to hang clothes if you wish.

The bedroom in the back of the RV.  The entire bed lifts up and allows for a ton of storage.  You will not run out of space.  As a family of 12, we had not run out of space to store things if that gives you an idea.

Upper bathroom cabinets.

Hey, it's a bathroom.  Not much to write about but it works and so does the shower.

View from the bathroom area looking up front.

The back view of the RV.  Has back up cameras.  The white in the windows is just the pillows laying against the glass. 

So, brief overview.  If interested, please email  Never hurts to advertise in multiple places.   You never know who's looking.  We intend to buy a travel trailer for the van to tow.


  1. Man, if I wasn't in process of adopting Brett, we'd definitely jump on this. As it is, we have to wait until next year to get one. :( Wish you all the best in selling it.

  2. Does it have a shower too? If it does, how do you get the water to use the shower? and how/where do you empty the used water?