Monday, May 13, 2013

Practice for Camp Cheerio

The other day it was hot.  Kids want to go in the pool but currently, we're draining it.  Today, it was drained. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we have to scoop all the water out and then scrub it down before the refill.  Takes 3 full days of water hose cycling on to fill it up.  That's a lot of water folks!  Hence, why we only do this clean out every 2 years.  Anyhow, the kids still wanted some water fun so found a slip and slide we had.  Have a bunch of cute pics but if certain people are in them, I can't post them.  But, still managed to get a few in.

Everyone helping to get it set up for the little girls.

Summer could live in the water.  She's part mermaid I do believe.  Not sure why the gladiolous bulbs are out in the middle of the yard but oh well.  Get to them when I get to them.

Summer going down the slide.  Kids tried to put it on a hill for her.

Irina and Reni are still really close buddies to be sure.

Alex being Alex.  He wasn't going to go on b/c it was too babyish.  Yeh, he caved.

And collision averted!  Summer is really growing, isn't she?  Not sure who's idea the soap was but not happy.  I needed that dish soap. 

Summer and Logan hanging out for awhile after  the others had gone inside.

Logan really was having a good time w/ this thing.

I would love to read her thoughts right now.  A girl deep in thought.

Can't wait till the pool is ready.  Time for the new season to begin.  We have two new littles to teach to swim.  Summer really had gotten the hang of it last year.  My kids and I can stay in the water all day.  though, we don't allow that or we'd fry.  Pool is in the open yard.  More to come the next few days.  Enjoy your week.

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