Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picnic, painting and prepping

Today is Thursday.  Day before we leave.  Trust me, Nik has kept us abreast of how many days we have left till departure.  If he knew time, I'm sure that he would have it done in hours and minutes as well.  Nice to see the excitement in them though.  He has officially been packed for 3 days.  I have yet to go through the bag.  Can only imagine.  The other night, it was just beautiful out.  Not many bugs and perfect picnic weather.

Some of the kids getting ready to have a picnic dinner.  Sloppy joes.

Nik hates it when people sit next to him.  Hates it.  Can you tell?

Alyona.  Innocent enough in this shot.

Logan.  Umm, I'm giving him the Darwin Award.  Seriously.  I posted on FB the other day.  He found a piece of cheese in the woods from well over a week ago.  String cheese.  Not refrigerated.  And ate it!  Yuck!  The other kids were totally grossed out.

Boys goofing off being boys.

Nik helping paint a chair for the girls' room.  He wanted to do it.

My artist in training.  He dressed himself.  Saved all his clothes 

Weird looking floormats, huh?

Before any trip, we like a clean car to travel in.  So, kids know the drill and have different jobs.  I scrubbed and cleaned all the floor mats.  Alyona coming back w/a broom.  

Big plus w/ Big Bird is you literally just sweep out the van.  NO carpet!  Love it.  Reni was sweeping out the van and Alex & Logan were pushing the Littles on the swings.  Worked out. 

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