Monday, May 27, 2013

Patches not holding

Nothing like a little 'drama' for the day.  Okay, we cleaned the pool. Looks fantastic.  It does.  Warren checked so we could patch it where needed.  Thought there was one hole.  NO.  Max found 3 holes.  One was patched w/ no issues.  The next, they (Warren, Yana and Irina) worked for a long, long time on it.  They used 2 patch kits and said "it's as good as it gets."  Meaning, it probably won't hold long.  Nothing more we can do.  Trouble is, we have not even gotten to the major hole yet.  This one is over a crease that is also very cracked and weakened.  This one will be a monster to patch and chances are we can't.  Now, if this happens, pool party for Irina's graduation cookout at the house next weekend is out.  We'll just have a cookout.  As well as, swimming for the summer.  Now, we purchased this pool years upon years ago w/ tax money right after we returned w/ Yana and Alex.  We knew we'd get years and years usage out of it and we have.  We have replaced the liner once ourselves.  $500.  And that deal was only b/c we did the labor ourselves.  Truly, liners should last longer than this but then again, my kids are very rough on things.  Lots of use, which is a good thing. 

Anyhow, if the patch will not hold (looking like it won't), there will be no pool for the party or the summer.  Kids are hoping it holds and doing everything they can to help.  And as you know, during adoptions (no matter what kind), unexpected expenses are expected almost always.  LOL.  Happens to everyone and we're no exception.  Calling this week to get our fridge fix.  That one was a tough call.  We have 2 fridges and a freezer.  We have to.  But, the newer of the fridges, a Whirlpool, went out last year.  Couple hundred to fix.  This year, same problem.  And NO, there is no warranty on this.  And you make that call, fix it or replace it. Not ready to spend thousands on a fridge when we did that just a few years ago. URGHH!!!  So, the liner is throwing me for a loop. 

See, this is my stress relief during the summer.  It is hot in NC.  Most either go to the beach or join a public pool.  With 8 kids w/ FAS, physical activity is a must so swimming in summer is a win-win for me.  They go stir crazy on days that are too hot to go out.  Our pool has been a life saver to say the least.  So, hoping tomorrow I'll have good news to report.  We can handle a slow leak.  Not ideal but getting us through one more swimming season would be great.  On an up note, kids did AWESOME this weekend helping out. Truly, they did.  Cleaned up the entire yard, outdoor projects, cleaned the entire inside, etc.  They worked their tails off.  We all did.  It's looking great and we're proud of that fact.  So, tonight is chicken on the grill. Yum.  Great way to end a very productive weekend to be sure.  Let you know tomorrow about the pool.  More posts forthcoming.  Even catching up on posts.  These 3 day weekends need to happen all the time!  Hope you enjoyed yours.  More pics to come.

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