Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mudpies, music and Max

Wow, getting slack again this week.  Must mean we're busy.  I know, I know, no excuse.  Well, can't help it.  This week has been exceedingly rainy here.  So, the other day I was pushing Summer and House guest on the swings.  Little One wanted on but I said you have to wait your turn.  Go play in the sand pit for a bit.  And, she did.  As well as a few other kids.

Summer was happy as could be digging in the dirt.

Soon, she had a little join her.  Nice, huh?

Nik was giving Summer a hand with all that mud.

Nik, rather proud of his trowel full of mud.

Looks classy enough to go to Bojan's concert in about 20 minutes, huh?

And that's another sippy cup gone.

She was going to drive to Bojan's concert herself I suppose.  We rushed in to give them a bath.  Had no idea when I said go play in the sand pit that it had turned into a mud pit.

Some of the kids waiting for the concert to start.  I had a friend take Reni, Yana, Summer and Nik to soccer that night so we could go to the concert.

One of the littles playing with the ipad to entertain while the 30 minute wait to start began.  They took turns which was nice.  they like to color.  Wanted to give them something to do that didn't make noise.  :)

I swear his shirt is not purple.  Strange how the color looks here.  Bojan and I striking a pose for the camera.  He played a great concert and is nice to see how they improve from year to year.  Out of the 12, he's currently the only musically inclined one of the bunch.  And really, I don't see that changing much in the future.

Yep, he'll hate me for this one.  Max was passed out.  Trying to get his shoulder at a comfortable spot.  So tired, one of the little girls tried to put a soccer medal on him. LOL.  Surgery can't come soon enough for him.  He's a trooper.  If you see a horrifying sleeping picture of me, it's because my son will get even.  

We're working on a lot of stuff this week again.  It will get done.  Just need an extra 2 days in one of these weeks and I'll be there.  Tomorrow is Friday.  Awesome company picnic at Warren's work.  We can't wait to enjoy some fun. 

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