Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Love this time of year.  Cookouts, beautiful weather, fireflies, outside playing, planting flowers, etc.  Just a great time to enjoy things in life.  Really is.  The weather this weekend is unusually cool which is awesome for NC b/c usually it's in the mid 90's by this time.  It's been in the low 70's which is just delightful.  We got back from Camp Cheerio last weekend so kids were fully aware this was to be a work weekend.  And work we did! 

 Is this really work for Nik??  These bags of dirt were just $2.50 a bag.

Repotted one plant b/c the kids broke my nice pot.  This one is one of the el' cheapo plastic ones we had laying around.  

Reni checking out the gladiolous bulbs we had planted that are just now coming up.  

My friend had given me a table for the kids.  She told me we could buy some plastic spray paint for it so that's what we did.  A green to match the umbrella of the big table.  Warren is scraping out the dirt that the kids forgot to do before they painted it.  

Some of the kids getting to work staining/ weather proofing the picnic table.

Some little garden work thrown in there.  We lost two of the raised beds this year.  Not sure how really.

Some more of my $2 roadside plants.  LOL.  Shrubs next year will be filled out quite a bit more.  Probably won't be able to see the brick next year which will look really sharp.

We are limited on space till we one day move.  So use every little container we have.  Anyone have some big ones they'd like to get rid of, send them our way.  The one w/ the green are radishes and they're doing very nicely.  The green onions have all grown as well.  The rest we just planted.

The only thing that has NOT grown in a container (hey, we're experimenting this year) was the lettuce.  Hey, we gave it a shot.  

Diggs, just hanging out.  Still have no clue how old he is but we're guessing he may be up there.  

We moved the picnic table umbrella (one of them) and Nik & Summer had a field day.

Nik and Summer showing me their catch.  Roly polys and earthworms.  Fun!  More to come on some of the Memorial Day happenings.  BTW, Max is doing fine but it truly is driving him insane not being able to use his arm and do stuff.  Like draw or build.  More on that later.  For now, getting some kids to bed.

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