Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend (part 2)

A big chunk of our weekend was spent getting the pool ready to swim.  We have a 27' above ground pool.  We drain it completely every two years.  Some leave their water in every year and just treat it.  We do it a little differently. 

This was Shrek's Swamp once we drained it.

Irina looks thrilled to be in there, doesn't she?  Hey, I asked for volunteers.  No one was made to do it.

Alex, carrying some sludge to the woods.  Old leaves, etc.

Bojan still mad we wouldn't let him get in.  If he slips, the prosthetic would rip a hole in the liner.  He knows this.  He's just not happy about it.

A wolf spider found in the pool.  I know you can't tell the size but it was pretty large.  

Even Max wanted to help with his good arm.

Everybody working together and pitching in to get the job done.

Yana, looking like this job will never get done.  LOL.

This is where the real work begins.  They all started rolling up their pants b/c they had no idea it was going to be so hot.  

Once they spray the water on, you can really see the difference.  In a few days, I'll have to take another picture of how clean and clear it is.  Just feels good to get the job done and have it nice and clean for company and the start of summer swim season.  They really did work together.  There was one spat on Alex and Nik using a certain kind of mop.  It was going fine till one of the older teens, ahem, intervened.  Got to love that.  

We also cleaned out a few things in the shed.  Giving away some and trying to sell some things.  Trying to get a few bucks in the pocket for the upcoming vacation this June.  Food and gas are always are biggest expenses so seeing what I can do to help w/ that.  In addition, it helps clear the clutter so a win-win.  Chicken on the grill this evening w/ peas and I'm not sure what else.  Time for some more work.  Truly, can't believe we got all we did done this weekend.  Good thing b/c next weekend is a total play/ party weekend as well. 

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