Thursday, May 23, 2013

Max's surgery

Yesterday, Max had his shoulder surgery.  All went well.  Even better than expected.  The doc opened him up and did not find the tears he was expecting.  He did however find a very loose capsule which was the cause of his arm continually falling out of socket.  Surgeon fixed that.  Max came home.  He had opted not to have the nerve block.  They told him it only lasted 18 hours.  His choice.  Did okay w/out it though. Today, he started to feel the pain for sure but drugs kept him happy.  Alex handled this surgery better than he has handled any others in the past.  For those that don't know, Alex has PTSD and is traumatized any time he is in the hospital or someone has something done to them at the hospital.  But, this time he was okay and we talked about it before Max came home.  Alex is growing up and able to confront things a bit better.  Relief.

Nik made a drawing for Max.  I told him to make a card and this is what he came up with.

Umm, I think Nik spent a little too much time studying a surgical room.  BTW, surgeon has a knife and scissors.  LOL.

A little drugged are we?

Max was even able to semi crack a smile after surgery.

And, he's out for the count for awhile.  

 I told them to be quiet so Reni and Alex chose to study on the stairs (no idea why) and review for the year.  They were not happy when I told them they forgot about all the work we had in the binders from first semester. 

 Not too many scars.  Under the white gauze is where the holes are that were drilled and then stitched up.  RMS is the surgeon's initials.  

Overall, Max is doing really well post op.  Though this evening he's really feeling it more.  He won't be in school till next Tuesday.  School is calling me tomorrow to arrange exam times since he has to have a scribe now.  I was happy the other kids have been very caring.  And Max couldn't say no as he is so used to playing w/ the Littles.  Well, Little One crawled up next to him and smiled big.  I tried to move her but Max said she was fine and not hurting him.  They both sat there awhile and watched a movie.  We're obviously homebodies the next few days here.   You'd think we'd catch up on stuff.  Been a long week.  Today was not a great day.  Not because of surgery but because of other things happening here.  I'll elaborate later.  Let's just say life lessons & that if you see two boys in my yard doing hard labor chores, do NOT smile at them.  Let's just say some orphanage habits are hard to break.  Does not excuse behavior though.  More on all this tomorrow.  I truly am tired this evening.  To be expected.  Next surgery isn't till July 30th so we have some time. 

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  1. Hope the pain and disability improve rapidly so you can get back to normal.