Monday, May 27, 2013

Manic Monday

Almost forgot it was Monday.  But it is. So, a short little bit here.

  • we were very productive this weekend
  • painted kids' picnic table and stained the big one
  • cleaned the pool
  • pool has some major holes in it that we are not sure a patch will hold
  • yard mowed and weedwhacked
  • seeds planted in the garden
  • weeds done
  • ordering Irina's diploma this evening
  • Irina's graduation party this weekend
  • Alex's neuro tomorrow
  • Max goes back to school tomorrow
  • Older kids have exams tomorrow
  • Yana out of school next Monday
  • Way behind on homeschool.  We were going good for SO long.  Catching up.  Kids are reviewing and I'll test them early next week.  Wanted to do it last week but just didn't happen.
  • making homeschool plans for next year
  • art teacher coming tomorrow morning to the house
  • speech therapist comes this week
  • end of school is fast approaching
  • Alaska is back to her old self after being lethargic for a bit
  • Alaska had a bath
  • Digby has started walking again
  • I'm getting back on the exercise bandwagon this week
  • making vacation plans
  • one daughter is making some poor choices that I hope changes soon
  • still not sure what I'm doing for middle schoolers next year (public versus homeschool)
  • we found our dream home
  • Irina started to get graduation cards this past Saturday and was so excited
  • Warren's parents came down on Sunday to congratulate Irina
  • I'm of course behind on blog posts but eager to catch up.  So much to say!
  • House is finally starting to get back in order from temporary chaos
  • we have finally found our new normal and enjoying it
  • get to go grocery shopping this week (no easy feat folks)
  • learned of the 'bulk' section at the Farmer's Market and may have to check it out
  • working on eval forms still
  • trying to be better at getting thank yous out. Yeh, I still suck at it
  • determined to have a Pinterest summer.  Do all those stupid crafts I pinned but have never tried.
  • won a photoshoot!!!  SO excited.  
  • dinners have been late every single night since the time change
And a ton more.  Could I really finally be getting my act together?  I think I am finally on the right track after feeling overwhelmed for a few weeks.  Things seem to be back in order and semi normal again.  Well, need to go.

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