Monday, May 20, 2013

Manic Monday

Well, been a few days since on here.  Felt great!  But, back to work.  So, here goes a Manic Monday post and then later tonight I'll talk about Camp Cheerio.

  • Had an awesome time at Camp Cheerio
  • Hard news to swallow
  • obviously behind on emails
  • finishing up homeschool stuff
  • figuring out Irina's graduation stuff
  • need to order a diploma
  • ordered a sign...came in w/ wrong date
  • tried to save $$$ and now phone service is screwed up
  • Warren is working on said mess w/ phone/ internet folks
  • having trouble w/ one daughter
  • Max's surgery is this week
  • one of the Littles is getting her AFO's checked out again
  • Kids start exams this week
  • got an awesome surprise boxes in the mail from a friend.  Great boost!  
  • house is a mess after the trip
  • it rained the whole time we were there
  • budgeting for a very tight month
  • thinking of doing fundraising site for some necessities insurance doesn't cover.  Not sure if that's appropriate though.  (post later to ask)
  • trying to sell the RV
  • pool is still not drained.  missing sump pump
  • been a long week already
  • found missing sump pump.  Wahoo
  • Cleaning pool 
  • washing tons of laundry
  • roof is leaking again
  • I HATE paperwork
  • I feel like Dori on Finding Nemo...Just Keep swmming, just keep swimming
  • can't find the maker of our kitchen cabinets to order replacement drawer(lifetime warranty)
  • Warren got the ceiling fan working again so that's great
  • trying to do some spring cleaning of sorts
  • won a voucher for next season for kids' soccer season
  • having to go nowhere this weekend which will be wonderful
  • figuring out the big summer vacation trip
  • van got 21 mpg to the mountains and back (not bad for fully loaded van)
  • heart in gut w/ the tornado that hit Oklahoma
  • FAS meeting tomorrow evening
More going on as usual here.  Trying to get organized b/c I do have a bunch coming at me at once lately.  One thing at a time is what we try to do.   Will do a Camp Cheerio post later tonight after baths are done. 

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