Monday, May 13, 2013

Manic Monday

Boy oh boy.  What a weekend and so much this week.  Let's get started.

  • Camp Cheerio is this weekend.  Wahoo!!!
  • Need to print off waiver forms
  • big decision was made today
  • social worker comes tomorrow
  • getting homestudy well on it's way to being done
  • doctor forgot to notarize forms
  • Summer just ate one of the Little's ice cream sandwich
  • Summer's last soccer game is this evening
  • Renewed tags on van
  • SO behind on miscellaneous paper work
  • speech therapist coming this week
  • ready to get the 'Littles' set up for therapy but have to wait a little more
  • pool is drained
  • cleaning pool this week & refilling
  • painting a chair for girls' room w/ free paint from Lowes
  • kids working on school work
  • Max's pre-op this week
  • Need to pack
  • trying to sell rv
  • toaster still broken.  Need a new one but not happening right now
  • need to call repairman for fridge
  • now, other fridge is starting to go
  • Warren managed to temporarily fix the ceiling fan
  • hate it when it rains it pours theory comes into play here
  • back into the stretching, working out bit
  • Reni's last soccer game is tomorrow night
  • never got the trash taken off the other day
much, much more happening around here.  I'll have to get caught up one of these days.  Camp Cheerio is around the corner though and trust me, we truly need this break.  Got to go.  

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