Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Tuesday

Phew.  What a week and it's only Tuesday.  Well,our last social worker visit was today.  Chaos Manor was in full swing.  Let's see what happened this go around.  Summer and Alex got into it for whatever reason, I'm still not sure yet.  She hit me in the nose. He hit me first.  Really guys?  There was popcorn literally everywhere in the living room.  And I mean everywhere.  Since I was preoccupied talking, I didn't see them keep making popcorn.  Littles and Summer probably had enough for 5 people!  LOL.  Maybe not that much but you get the picture.  My kids made a redneck basketball goal.  You know, put a large plastic container and drill it to the fence post.  Only trouble was I had to keep yelling at them for hitting the house/ rv.  Asked them to move it.  Now, it sits in the front yard drilled to a tree.  Jealous, I know.  Wait till you see the pics of the bright blue bin.  Geez.  As if they had nothing else to do while she was here.  They pick that.  URGHH!!!  Max was telling all about the fridge smelling rotted and that we should toss it out front.  Nice one Max.  Fridge broke.  Determining whether we should fix it or not.  We have 2.  Trouble is, other fridge sounds like fan is going on that one.  Waiting this week to see if it does go and then determine how/ when/ what we should fix.  For now, 1 fridge working.  Truly, we need both of them.  When the fridge was emptied, it sat of course.  It has baking soda in it but a 65 degree fridge will not smell good even w/ nothing in it.  We have to leave the freezer part alone as it still works on the bottom.  But Max's description made it sound like slime/ mold was inside.  It's NOT.  It's white and clean.  Since this was not enough excitement for her, my kids decide to leave the door open.  You guessed it.  Alaska escapes.  Are you kidding me?!  They retrieve the dog.  One of the littles is insisting she needs a bath.  Maybe feeling pity at that point, the sw asks if we have the chance to get away.  What?  And Warren and I leave all this for a vacation?  One can only dream. 

She was a good sport about it all.  This is life as you know.  You take the good with the bad.  One thing I give my kids credit for, is for being themselves no matter who is over.  She left and Irina and I took the Littles and Summer for our evening walk.  Beautiful day for it.  We enjoyed the walk and so did the kids.  Return home.  In that not so long amount of time, somehow, some way, they managed to break the popcorn popper and the microwave!  Though now we have the microwave working again, smells like there was a fire of sorts.  Warren thinks they attempted to use the grill feature.  Made spaghetti and tried to wind everyone done.  Didn't work.  They were wired.  Everyone eventually settled down.  Homestudy will be done soon and we'll be onto the next step.  Only thing they need from me is medicals.  Our doc signed them all but forgot to notarize them.  So, working on that part.  Never dull.   As you all know, feels great to have another step in the adoption process complete.  More later.  Hoping tomorrow is a boring day.   Really do hope.  Did I mention I can't wait for Camp Cheerio?! 

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