Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's that Time Again

In 2 weeks we leave for Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC.  I looked at pics from last year and this is the one place besides home that Nik feels VERY welcomed and like he belongs.  He counts down every single year.  Love it.  We as parents look forward to this time.  We actually get to relax and our kids have fun.  Win-win.  We learn something new every single year we go.  It's wonderful. So, sharing some pics through the years.  Still don't understand why I don't have 2007 pictures.  I'll find them at some point.  These are our group shots we take each year when we go.

Gosh, they all look SO young!  This was when we had 7 of them.  May 2008.

They seemed to color coordinate themselves this year.  Neat to see the growth in some of htem each year.  Max really grew.  May 2009.

They rarely all smile at the same time.  This was May of 2010.

This was the year that we had really, really needed this break.  A break from the house and all that was happening that year.  In addition, we were getting ready to go to Bulgaria to meet the three newest kids.  Crazy time.  We were beyond happy to be there.  This was May of 2011.

The bunch that I thought was complete last year.  The 3 newest Bulgarians not knowing what to expect but just being told it was the best time by the other 7 kids.  They were just excited.  This was May of 2012.

Every year, we've come back.  It's just great friendships that are formed there and a place where everyone feels welcome and is able to be themselves.  This year, we will introduce two new littles to this experience as well.  I can not wait to see the joy on their faces as well.  We are ready.  And, in case you're wondering, Nik has counted down.  It is now just 12 days away.  We are just as excited as the first time we went. 

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