Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How do you know they belong?

How do you know the kids are happy?  How do you know they feel like they belong in this family?  Sometimes you just know and sometimes you just need signs that give you a hint. 

Reni wrote this note and stuck it to the front door.  It got the message across.  Simple but made with love.

They were getting ready for their grandparents to come.  Nik was very proud he made a sign w/ everyone's name on it.  He worked really, really hard on it too.

I know he spelled Alyona wrong but he tried.

Since he wrote all 14 of us on there, I can't show you how the whole thing looks but really cool.  Mom and Dad are attached at the bottom of it in the middle under the two newest ones.  I just really like the fact that Nik did this on his own and wanted to show his grandparents.  Another sign of love.  

Bojan surprised me with this the other day. I truly wish I could show you the whole thing but once again, they included names.  So, kind of stuck not showing names but a few of the kids to give you an idea.

This is part of the family. 

Bojan even included the dogs.  The whole thing read "The Boyd Bunch.  A place not ever quiet nor normal, who wants to be?  A family with a big heart."  Just thought it was very thoughtful of him to do.  

All of them are great examples of how the kids feel I think of being here.  We have one right now who is questioning independence in life.  Thinking it all through.  You know when they reach a certain age and think life is just a big bowl of cherries?  LOL.  We were all there once as young adults.  I think many adults will know what I mean by all that.  It's just drawings like this that reassure me of the love here. 

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