Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday Night Fun

This weekend we went to my husband's annual company picnic.  Now, I should clarify the word 'picnic.'  More like a carnival.  They had piles of food and drinks.  Desserts as well.  Bounce houses galore.  Place for the littles to play and an arts and crafts area.  We did not go to the arts and crafts area as it was way to crowded and standing in line wasn't going to happen but for so long w/ the bunch.  There was a DJ and the older teens danced the night away by the stage.  Climbing wall, etc.  A diverse group of happenings to be sure. 

Getting out of the car.  Don't they just look pleasant?  LOL.

Camera hog checking in.

Everyone watching dad try to get the stroller together for the littles.  Took the double one for the terrain we were going to be on.  Love our umbrella strollers b/c you can toss them in the van, grab and go.  This one is a pain b/c you have to take it apart each time to fit it in the van.

Reni and Nik.  My virtual twins.  Nik doesn't allow a whole lot of people to hug him as you know.  

Getting there w/ teh stroller.  Kids can hear the music & are ready to go.

Heading to the festivities.  Love that Alex and Yana are holding hands.  See, my kids do love each other every once in awhile.  And Summer is just getting so big.

Can't even tell I lost 11 lbs. this year.  LOL.  Especially, while eathing that little cup of ice cream.  Lots of bounce house lines.

Alyona with her ice cream.  We were waiting for the littles to be done.  The older kids went off and we'd let Alyona go w/ them but she wanted to stay.  

Irina and Reni spent the entire night together and had a blast.  They stopped long enough to say hello.

Logan taking a break from playing soccer w/ people he just met to have some chips.  He could not find us later that evening so actually did what Warren said and went to security.  Only trouble was, he said Lauren Boyd was his dad.  Security was great as Logan's accent is still very heavy.  They asked my name and he gave it to them and they found him that way & called his cell.  Usually we make our kids go in pairs.  However, he wanted to play soccer w/ his new friends so we said alright.  Learning independence.  It's a balancing act at times.

Nik and Bojan enjoying fireworks.  I have some great pics of the kids loving the fireworks but can't show them yet.  Captures a good deal of joy.  Actually, Bojan took those pics.  We all just had so much fun watching fireworks.  Relaxing and seeing how happy they were.  Was a nice experience.

Mayhem when we got back in the van.  Wild, wild kids!  Summer was messing w/ the littles and no one was getting buckled.  All were meeting up again so everyone was talking at once about what they did there.

Came home and went straight to bed b/c it was after 10 for them and had to get up early for soccer.  Busy but fun.  More to come about our weekend. 

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