Sunday, May 5, 2013

Civil War Field Trip

I know, I am quite behind on all sorts of things.  But, it's the end of the year, we're in the midst of adoptions, upcoming surgeries, fridge died, and too many other happenings around here to name.  Suffice it to say, blog had to take a hike for a bit last week.  But, we're back.  Warren is sick.  Inflammation in his lungs from a dental visit last week.  Steroids and inhaler.  Not the best combo.  Crazy stuff.  Weekend has been filled with soccer, monthly shopping, hauling off trash, and some serious cleaning.  But, on Friday, we went on a field trip with friends.  We are studying the Civil War so went to the site of the largest battle in NC.  Bentonville, NC.  There were a lot of group shots and things so I am limited as to what I can share with you.  However, there are a few pictures that show what we all did there.

There is a little museum part to start with.  Alyona and Summer checking out a few items.  

Summer being Summer.  Just enjoying life.

Hanging out with friends.  We were waiting for everyone to go to teh bathrooms before we walked the trail a bit.

Burning off some energy.  

Just enjoying the day looking at some memorials.

One of my tree climbers.  Trust me, I have plenty of them.

Logan and Nik hanging out in the woods.

Reni had to get in on the action as well.

Summer is just as daring as the rest of them.  My kids could have hid in trees during the Civil War.  LOL.  I will have part 2 soon.  Just trying to get some other things done this evening.  Busy week ahead of us.  More to come.

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