Monday, May 6, 2013

Civil War Field Trip (part 2)

After walking the trail and exploring the field a bit, we went back for a tour of the Harper House.

Logan helping prep all the soldiers w/ guns.  Aka...sticks.  Hey, it's using your imagination so I shouldn't complain.

Ready for battle.

Logan getting ready to carry his friend down the field and back.  We wanted them all to experience what it would be like to be in uniform and having to lug heavy stuff back and forth during the war.

A good friend carrying Alyona.  Though light, Alyona is not the easiest thing to carry.  

It was only in the 70's this day so not hot at all.  However, Alex wore a thermal shirt for whatever reason.  Still, made him do it.  They all after this experiment appreciated a bit more what all the Civil War soldiers had to endure.  And that was our point.  Funny thing.  House guest decided she was scared of bugs & flowers in the middle of the field.  I mean a look of terror over took her when Reni handed her a purple flower.  Don't know what was up with it all.  She did not get bit or anything like that but boy oh boy, she did not want to step on flowers or bugs.  

A remake of what the room would have looked like during surgeries.  This is where they preformed the amputations.  The guide said they threw the limbs out the window.  My kids asked if this was real blood.  My kids are all about the gore factor of course.

Nik really studying the loom and how this was made.

Harper House served as a makeshift Union Hospital during the Civil War.  The family stayed upstairs w/ their 8 kids during this time.  Unreal when you see it.  Kids were surprised to see the kitchen was outside in a separate building.  

After the tour, we had a picnic lunch.  Veggie straws, pretzels, bologna sandwiches, and granola bars.  Yum.

The biggest hit of all, surprisingly was hummus.  Yep, hummus.  The kids LOVED it.  Even the littles.

Nik enjoying his granola bar w/ chocolate no less while chatting it up w/ Logan.  I'd like to say they were comparing what they learned but that would be a lie.  Nope, they were just chatting.  We had a great time and did learn a few new things.  I can honestly say my kids after this unit study do know a little about the Civil War and why it happened.  I think it's important.  BTW, even my middle schooler could not tell me anything about the Civil War.  I think it's ashame.  He's been to public school the whole time.  Hmm.  I wonder.  My high schoolers couldn't tell me all that much when we were studying the Revolutionary War earlier this year.  And I wont' even get into Geography.  I just think there is something lacking in public schools.  We went when we were younger and knew this stuff.  Now, it's more studying for an EOG February!  Bojan started hearing about the testing materials in January folks.  January.  School isn't even half way over by then and they are focused on the stupid end of year tests.  Crazy.  But I digress.  We had an awesome time learning about the Civil War.  Right now, we're entering our review time.  I want to see how much they've retained in history and science.  I hope we've learned something this year. 

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  1. Go hummus! Both of mine love it, too. It's one of the healthiest things Rex eats and he can have it with his beloved crackers. Easy to make at home, by the way, if you want a basic recipe.