Monday, May 20, 2013

Camp Cheerio Recap (part 1)

Oh where to start?  Well, we got started late?  Why you ask?  Because of what happened the night before.  It was ridiculous and petty and I was extremely disappointed in my children.  I know I told the story already but still, made me angry.  Since we were up late dealing with that, did not get the packing done we needed to.  So, bunch of unhappy kids on the way to camp b/c we said if you do not confess, everyone will stick w/ Mom and Dad unless in group activities.  Surely someone would own up to it.  Nope.  URGHH!!! 

We see that sign and everyone just wants to jump out of their seats!

As you can tell, not all that happy yet b/c at this point, they still  thought they were staying w/ Mom and Dad the whole time.  

Alex thinking about things.

Houseguest about lost her mind when she saw all these horses.  Loved petting them.

This was t he only clear few hours we had.  Rest of the time, fog and rain.

Cool new signs and many updates this year.  Was awesome. This camp always looks so beautiful.  You can tell they really care about the place.

Okay, so have a few group shots that I do every year.  Just this year I can't post them yet as the Littles are in the shot.  So, here's part of the group goofing off.

Bojan hanging out at the cabin before a meal time.

Yes, I let the manly husband hold the diaper bag. LOL.  Bojan and Dad.

On the way to Cheerio while filling the van, I went in and bought Nik his gummies that someone else stole.  He was thrilled. I looked at him and said "Don't Share!"  I got glares from everyone.  You know, ONE of them was indeed guilty.  

Alyona enjoying some dessert which comes w/ every meal.  Little One was miffed when I wouldn't let her have dessert first.  LOL.  She'll learn in time.  In fact, only took her one meal after that.

My Summer Bummer.  The slowest eater on Earth!  She had such a good time with friends at camp.  Enjoyed it a lot.  We all did.  I have more pictures coming.  I have to weed through what I can't post.  In addition, weather was horrible so didn't even take the camera out much.  But still, caught a few.  The first day we arrived, we checked in, ate lunch and went to classes.  Met for dinner and then there was an ice cream social a bit later and the kids hung out at the gym.  Just fun times getting to know everyone.  Part two coming soon. 

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  1. Did someone confess to taking the candy? you have us curious!