Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camp Cheerio (part 2)

I told a little of Friday's events.  The whole camp is mapped out and scheduled which makes things so much easier for people.  It runs so smoothly.  Truly, many of those in charge could change some companies around if they were hired.  No glitches, no scheduling conflicts, etc.  Somehow, they pull it off every year w/out a hitch or hiccup.  Only 'big' hiccup this year was they couldn't find a movie at the end for the kids so they had to ask for one.  Now, if that is the biggest 'hiccup' than you know w/out a doubt it was a successful camp!  And the kids agree.  Every year they've asked to go back.  Not a one of them doesn't want to go back.  One of the Littles was screaming this year b/c she did NOT want to go home.  Seriously.  We are going back next year.  How could we not?!  So now for a few more pictures.

Alyona and one of her friends at camp.  They look forward to seeing each other each year.  Friendships at this camp tend to be long term.  It's wonderful.  Building in the background is the gym where they all hang out.  

Max and Summer enjoying some ice cream at the icecream social.  They had all sorts of flavors.  Too busy eating to smile. LOL.

Reni and Nik in disguise w/ one of their crafts.  Should have had the Littles put these on.  LOL.

Summer is enjoying dodgeball a little too much in my opinion!

 Nothing like basketball and dodge ball on a rainy day.

 Max was a volunteer this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He can't wait to be one next year.  

 Had to take a picture as they weren't fighting!  Bonding time. 

Bojan was having a heck of a time with his leg getting wet and not being able to get the shoes one.  At least he was smart enough to take t he leg off before jumping in the lake.  A few of my kids jumped in the lake.  Go figure.

 This was the weather the entire time we were there.  And this was one of the clearer views. 

Though the views were dismal this time, the fun brightened everyone's day.  Really did.  They went canoeing, bowling, archery, crafts, bouncehouse, gym, basketball, petting the horses, and just too much else to name.  Old friendships renewed and new ones started.  Awesome!  This camp benefits the kids, the parents and the siblings.  It is not only fun but life changing for many.  I can not stress how beneficial this is to go to our family.  I do know this year, I will try to raise the funds for scholarships for future families.  I'll do that over the summer.  I think more should have this experience to be sure.  More later.  FAS Support group meeting this evening if you are local.  If you don't have a support group in your areas, make one!  Trust me, you'll laugh and find what you need.  Kids are downstairs making cards for Max.  He will have  3 month recovery time and is not looking forward to that over the entire summer.  His surgery is at 6:30 am tomorrow. 


  1. Prayers and hugs to all re the surgery.

  2. Good luck to Max hope he feels better soon!