Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Manic Monday

Time to get started.

  • Supposed to rain all week long
  • Hope the roof doesn't leak
  • Social worker coming out here this week
  • Bojan's concert Tuesday
  • Soccer practice
  • Soccer games
  • Company family picnic this Friday
  • Eye appointments for four of us
  • Need to go to bank
  • Need to get end of year school stuff done
  • Looking at cirriculums for next year
  • Ready for Camp Cheerio
  • Car needs license tags...they never sent them
  • Nik pulled a tooth that was NOT ready to come out
  • Reni is annoying all of us lately (preteen!)
  • Trying to sell stuff
  • Dogs need nails cut
  • Fridge broke
  • Having pizza and salad for dinner
  • Have 90 bulbs to plant today
  • Need to order testing materials
  • Need to order Irina's diploma
  • Max's surgery is this month
  • Max can not keep his shoulder in right now.  He has it in a make shift sling from an ace bandage.  It's bad and surgery can't come soon enough.
  • Yana has been writing a book on adoption from her perspective
  • Irina is working this week
  • Need to call doc to redo medical paperwork.  Was never notarized.
  • Need to catch up on blog posts and emails.
  • Toaster broke
  • Had great time on civil War field trip
  • Going strawberry picking this week for sure after the rain
  • Draining pool this week
  • Organizing Memorial Day Cookout
  • Helping organize family reunion
  • A LOT going on behind the scenes the next few days
  • Working on selling RV
  • Need to make surgical dental appointment for Irina
I need to get working on quite a bit at once.  Warren is on steroids and inhalers this week.  Yuck.  He breathed in fumes last week of apoxy from a dental visit.  Doc said he must of gotten too much b/c lungs are inflamed.  Who'd of thought?  He went to work.  Probably shouldn't have but did.  It's obviously NOT contagious but you know if people hear you practically choking, they think the worst.  Max's shoulder is really, really bad.  Keeps falling out of socket.  He holds it on w/ an ace bandage.   Anyhow, try to do more posts later this evening.  Try not to get as slack as last week. 

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  1. Now i'm getting worried about Max and his surgery. If he needs to use crutches how will his shoulder react? Maybe you should get it looked at?