Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angry Birds, angry mom

Today is Thursday.  Right now, some of my kids are in the living room trying to grasp a life lesson.  More in a minute.  The other day, Nik got creative and drug Logan along w/ his escapades.  Nik LOVES angry birds.  Loves it.

Logan and Nik getting ready to shoot.  You know, legos and a sling shot can only end badly.  

Nik's angry bird contraption.

So happy that destruction took place.  all that time to set it up only for it to be knocked down in a matter of seconds.  

Tonight, I'm just absolutely disappointed and angry with my kids.  Now, I know I don't say that often but this just ticks me off.  Here's the deal.  We went to the grocery store yesterday just for hot dogs.  While there, I went and took the Littles and Summer to get their hair cuts.  At the store, Nik bought Lifesaver gummies w/ his tooth fairy money.  He got home and put it in a Ziploc bag and in the cabinet.  Today, he wanted to show his speech therapist.  It's gone.  Someone stole it.  This is NOT the first time things have gone missing in this house.  Those who know FAS and RAD know exactly what this entails.  But, we don't allow that as an excuse.  We expect one to admit they took it.  Very, very aggravating to say the least.  All are old enough to know better.  Eventually, one of htem usually cracks.  Tonight, all are holding strong.  URGHH!!!  Right now, they're outside doing jumping jacks.  It just is disappointing as a parent.  you teach and teach and teach them well.  It is not the fact that a little bag of candy went missing.  It is the principal of the whole situation.  And the fact that they've done this over and over and over and over again.  Though I will admit,  it has gotten much, much less over the years.  Still, not where it needs to be.  So tonight, we tried the all for one, one for all approach.  So far, none have cracked.  I can usually do these things but for some reason, this time it's wearing me down.  I know staying strong is key w/ these kids and that's why mine have made it this far.  It's taken a lot of work.  The trouble w/ an FAS/RAD kid is they will truly believe the lie.  And then you have to spend gobs of time tearing it apart so they can 'see' what is the truth.  It's hard.  Mentally hard.  I am SO looking forward to Camp Cheerio.  We truly need this time away.  But first, we must find the guilty party.  All over a stupid bag of candy.  And no, you can't let it go.  If you let this go, t he bigger things are next.  We learned that lesson years upon years ago.  I think it is important for folks to know yes, we still continually deal with issues years later.  But you can never give up.  If you give up the fight, you've given up on the kids.  And the kids are worth the fight despite the crap they put you through.  LOL. 

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