Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Washing C-MOW

For those new here, C-MOW (Chaos Manor on Wheels) is our rv.  It is a class A...big one that you drive.  We love it.  Well, the other day we needed to wash it.  This is no easy task mind you. 

Big job, but someone has to do it.  Max volunteered to go on the roof to scrub. 

Yana, getting ready to work.  Notice how far we got on our fence, right?  Unexpected happenings in life will do that.  I just really want a fence.  At least hide some of that mess.

No, she's not really floating on air.  Her and Max did an awesome job cleaning the bus.  They really did.  Notice the dirt on the top.  It was parked under a tree.  This is why most folks cover them when not in use.  We cut down one of the trees in the way but let's face it, we live on a wooded lot.  Things are going to fall.  Leaves, bugs, sap, etc.

Max scrubbing, Yana goofing around.

Max took this shot zoomed from our upstairs window.  Notice where he scrubbed?  huge difference for sure.  He wanted to show me a before and after.  

It is all cleaned up now inside and out.  Ready to be sold.  Listing it this weekend.  Have one person very interested so waiting to hear from him first before we list it on Craigslist.  Once sold, we go purchase our new travel trailer.  Have found quite a few on Craigslist and rvtrader.  Some fantastic deals on the size we need as well as most folks downsize on the bigger ones.  Perfect for us.  Looking for a bunkhouse style or one w/ a huge living room to camp out on the floor.  Should have it for our trip in June.  Camp Cheerio does not require anything to haul.  We stay in bunkhouses there and on site.  Our first travel trailer trip will be to the Bulgarian Reunion.  Can't wait.  We're all kind of sad to see C-MOW go.  Been a great vehicle for us and served us well.  We actually talked on our last trip about repainting it and putting new flooring down.  But, time to move on.  With 14 of us, it is just not as practical as a travel trailer would be.  Gee, who could miss the family of 14 travelling in Big Bird, towing a trailer?  No, my teens won't be horrified.  LOL.  Hey, they want to travel, they must pay the ticket of embarrassment, right?  

More to come.  Getting a few little posts out of the way first. 

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