Friday, April 26, 2013

Verbs of Nik

For speech, we're trying to get Nik to say some verbs.  Particularly, ing verbs.  So, I have been taking pictures.  Going to print them out and then we'll put them on cards for him to practice.  We had a little help from the littles.  I can't show their verbs but they helped me out too w/ driving, swinging and crying.  Crying was priceless.  All you have to do is say nap time.  Here's a few from Nik though.

This is more Summer swinging than Nik.  I think the trampoline is getting a little worn from all the bouncing daily.

Nik and Summer in action.

Nik jumping.

Laughing.  Summer was trying to tickle him.

Nik, returning the favor.

This one cracked me up.  Slow motion running.

Nik driving.  Now there's a scary thought!

Nik climbing.  

We have more verbs of Nik but that's it for now.  Our speech therapist is really great.  Gives us ideas and works with this crazy bunch.  She currently works w/ Nik and Summer.  Going to start working on getting the Littles set up with her as well.  Need to get headed to bed soon as we have Summer's soccer game bright and early.  Oy!  More posts tomorrow.

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