Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time to be fitted

The other day, we needed to go to our prosthetist for Bojan and one of the littles.  As you know, I am limited as to what pictures I can post but will do a flurry of pictures in a few months to be sure.  For now though, a little of our visit.

One of the littles getting her AFO fitted.  She did really well.

Alex was totally wiped out, can you tell?  Pollen count was high t hat day and allergies about did him in.

Bojan waiting for his socket to get done.  Bojan grew up and slimmer so the socket became to big.  Put some padding in it and good to go.  Doesn't fall off any more.  

Dad, trying to fix an ongoing problem.

As most of you know, Summer is missing the corpus callosum part of her brain.  It connects the two hemispheres.  Being able to distinguish left from right is VERY difficult for her.   We've tried everything.  Now, we resort to covering her in permanent marker.  And nope, still nothing.  And, since Summer had writing on her, the littles wanted marker on them.  Nice.

Doesn't Logan looked entrenched?  It was the day after the Boston Marathon and the manhunt was on.  Some things are hard to explain to kids.

Alyona and Bojan goofing around while we wait.

Mr. Frank and Bojan.  This is the gentleman who's treated Bojan since we got him home.  He's been beyond awesome to say the least.  He knows his stuff but also cares about the kids.  Couldn't ask for a better combo.  We owe him a lot.  He will also be seeing our newest little.  

In process now of reserving a few campgrounds for the summer vacation.  Waiting to hear back from doc for confirmation of Max's surgery on May 22nd.   Never dull.  More to come later this evening.  Need to take the girls out for our nightly stroll. 

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  1. For our little ones we would put arrows pointing inward at each other inside their shoes with permanent marker and then an L and R under it to remind them too. So the left shoe would look like this ----> with an L under it and the right would be like this <----- with an R under it. We taught them to make the arrows point together. With a lot of little ones running around it made throwing shoes un much easier on mom not having to aid each one....of course you do end up with some on wrong no matter what!