Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They're just mean sometimes

Okay, some of you may be aware we are having a bit of trouble w/ Little One and her habit.  Her habit is sucking her finger all the time.  And do I mean all the time.  Trouble is, this is pushing her pallate up.  She has severe speech apraxia and possibly some other speech issues.  It is critical the finger come out asap.  That being said, someone recently gave us something called no bite.  The girls decided to paint some nails in the house and tell the kids it's cherry flavored.

Nik is practically foaming at the mouth with this stuff.  The nasty taste is instantaneous.

Reni, wiping her mouth out with a rag.  Hoping that would help.

Reni's reaction when Irina told her she used it to wipe out the dog bowl.  LOL.  Irina was kidding but that was priceless.  Can't believe I caught it.

The girls, deciding who would be the next victim.  Summer, was chosen.

Summer, not so sure about this taste.  Nik, about to explode b/c someone else is receiving the joke this time.

Summer, ready to go get a drink.  Nik, just goofing off.

We have not tried this on Little One yet but intend to very soon.  My parents used to put tabasco sauce on my sister's thumb for sucking it.  We must get the finger out though or she seriously won't be able to speak.  Timing is everything here and we're running out of time.  She tries so, so hard to speak so I guess "being mean" by putting no bite on will be worth it in the long run.  Gloves do not work.  Saying not to only works for about a minute.  Giving her something else to chew on doesn't work.  So, slowly running out of options.  Anyone else have success w/ this no bite stuff you put on their fingers?  Or suggestions on what's worked for you.  Busy day today and we had soccer practice this evening.  Tomorrow, we stay here and get some work done for sure.  Have a nice evening everyone.


  1. Nothing has worked for our finger-sucker. I mean, nothing. Although for some people, getting a dental appliance glued to the teeth can help. Good luck.

  2. This worked for my child;

    Same problems as yours.

  3. yes my friends had to put a dental appliance in for their child-that did the trick

  4. My daughter at age 10 was still sucking her fingers. Nothing worked. She now has a dental appliance. She has not sucked her fingers since it was put in the roof of her mouth. It comes out this summer. We will see if the fingers continue to stay out of her mouth.

  5. I use Malava stop (buy on Amazon) and paint her finger nails AM and PM. Looks like clear nail polish but does stay a little thicker than a clear nail polish. I read of others who used Malava stop on the kids clothes (I am close to doing that since she now bites chews her shirt).

  6. Steph, Danny sucked his thumb until he got his braces ... he was 14!!! Because he is MR, nothing we did helped. You name it, we tried it. We had reverted to socks on hands, almost all the time. Still didn't work. What worked? The orthodontist can place an appliance in their palate that has a little prickly thing sticking down and it will make it uncomfortable to suck thumb/fingers. IT WORKED!!!! Thumb free for almost a year, even AFTER they removed the appliance. Maybe this is an option for you guys! Love ya! Ginger

  7. We have used Malvala stop for Angela and her fingers and it worked. You can get a dental device put on. It's looks barbaric , but it doesn't hurt unless they try to suck their fingers! I want to see if it will work for Asher and his tongue because he has pushed his palate so far out of place. There are a couple different types. A "Fence" usually works for finger sucking. I think we need the spiked one for Asher's tongue. http://www.dentalgentlecare.com/thumbsucking.htm