Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring has arrived

Lately, we have definitely felt spring fever here.  Shoot, none of us want to do any work.  Slowly but surely, we're getting it done though.  I have more pictures but these are the only ones uploaded for now. 

Obviously taken when the azaleas were first starting to bloom.

I love the pink azaleas b/c they pop a lot.  I've never been a fan of white flowers.  They are gorgeous but when white flowers start to die off, they turn brown.  So, have been sticking to mostly pink azaleas.  

We re-mulched this side of the island.  Wanted and needed to mulch the other side but budget didn't quite allow it this year.  Partial view here.  Iris' are at the end.  I'll have to get a picture of those.  They come back every year.  Yellow and purples.  And one white one.

You can tell this is when they were first coming out of the ground.  I'll take more pics as the weeks progress.  Reason being, is I want to see how it goes.  See, I get all my stuff on end of season clearance.  So, last year, bought a bunch of hostas at $2 a piece.  Forgot to plant them and they sat in the pot looking sad all winter.  I said what the heck.  So, Warren planted them the other week and life came!  We were stunned really.  I will take a bunch more though to see how it goes.  I never understood why people paid a fortune to landscape.  I will also take pics of the $2 shrubs we bought last year.  On the side of the road.  LOL.  Now, the biggest issue I have w/ landscaping is to keep the stupid soccer ball out of it all.  More later.  Trying to get through a few little posts. 

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