Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soccer today

Today, we had soccer of course.  Nik was the only one who did not have a game.  We got up bright and early and took just Summer to her game as it started at 8:25 am.  Wanted the Littles to sleep in a bit.  Plus, Summer thought she was hot stuff being the only one going.  Well, her and Yana as Yana helps coaching a bit.  I forgot my camera for her game and really just watched her.  She has so much fun and has come so far playing soccer.  It's great.

Alex going after the ball.

Logan and Alex getting ready to play.  Their team always plays an action packed game to be sure.  Fun to watch and they've all gotten so much better.

Summer and Alyona hanging out together.  In about a year, we do believe Summer will be taller than Alyona.

We started studying insects.  Alyona was proud b/c she found one...a ladybug.

Really blurry but love Summer in action.  No fear.

Reni sure can run and keep up with the ball.  Her skills have become awesome!

I can not stress what a great job Reni did today.  Even scored a goal if I recall.  

Summer, sitting down...finally.  she really helped keep the Littles entertained.  They were having so much fun running around.  Lots of laughter and a ton more energy.  I got some great pictures today.  I will share them in due time.  It is hard to get pictures of soccer games as I want to enjoy the games and the kids playing.  May hand the camera to one of the kids one day to do.  

We tried to go to the post office today but closed at 2pm.  Bummer.  None of us did much of anything today really.  Was a nice change of pace to be sure.  We're definitely keeping busy though.  Next weekend we're going strawberry picking, monthly shopping and soccer.  Well, need to get to bed around here.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I'll try to catch up on some more posts soon enough.   

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