Thursday, April 25, 2013

Soccer games

Every Saturday we have soccer games for 5 of the kids.  With different ages, it truly is an all day affair.  But, sunny spring days just make it pleasant to go.  Last Saturday they had games.  I typically don't get a whole lot of pictures of things simply b/c I'm watching the games and prefer to watch it w/ my eyes, not my camera.  One day though, I really need to get some action shots of all of them.  I'll work on that the next few games.

Nik, getting ready on the field.

The weird smile phase we have entered.

Very intense look watching Nik play.  Or, just mad b/c we made him get up early.

i promise he's not angry.  LOL.

Told you.  Smiles are back.  When he's not gaurding the goal, he's doing cartwheels and handstands.

Yana giving her friend a ride.

Got to have those shoes tied to play ball.  Alex, before playing a game.  He's not beat red so we know he hasn't played yet.

Friends just hanging out.  Soccer brings folks together for sure.  Just good times.

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