Thursday, April 11, 2013

Since we're on "mean"

Today Warren took off work so we could run errands and get quite a bit of paperwork done.  You'd think there'd be a faster way after all these years and all these adoptions but the answer is no folks.  Process is always slow especially when it comes to paperwork.  Anyhow, we're going here and there w/the kids.  Thought we'd treat them to lunch until Warren took t he kids back to the van while I stayed and chatted w/the bank manager who has seen us through since adoption #1.  We were catching up of course.  While inside, Logan, for whatever reason known to man, decided to smush Alyona's hair w/ gum.  Don't believe me?  How could he do such a thing?

Alyona had been crying.  Summer is stunned and Reni is NOT on Logan's side.

Took a picture b/c Alyona wanted to see it.  You can't tell but it is a big glob all the way down to the root.  Sooo, out to lunch was cancelled.  Back home it was to fix her hair and eat lunch.

And this is the result.  You can't tell by looking at her but her hair is thin anyhow.  Would have been nice to keep it all.

Alyona clearly not happy.  Logan is in trouble.  Bottom line.  Still, actually trying to think of an appropriate punishment.  Trust me, plenty of ideas.  This was just low.  Not funny at all and totally uncalled for.  I said on this blog I'd always share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Well, this is one of those examples.  I know things will happen with kids.  But you'd expect a 12yo to act a bit better.  Of course, I've heard some stories of what some 12yo's have done so maybe this is on par w/ development.  Nope, not falling for that.  It was plain mean.  The trouble w/ orphanage kids w/ a past like his of bullying, this is seen as 'funny' & they don't get the feeling remorse factor.  Still working on that.  Though Logan is getting better, still a ways to learn.  We'll get there.  

More going on.  Next post I promise is not a mean post. LOL.


  1. If it makes her feel any better, or you about Logan, I have a weird story about things stuck on my hair. I was working in a small family run office when I was about 18. I just did whatever was needed. One day I was in the warehouse part of the building, and my boss was yelling for me. As I was coming through the door, he stuck a FedEx label over my head. He thought it would be funny. For some reason, he thought it wasn't sticky anymore. . .it was. Oh, and he was the head of HR. He did feel bad about it, which I guess is the big difference here, but as something to do. . . even a grown man will do stupid things, lol. Maybe you should shave Logan's hair?? Good luck with him :)

  2. I have heard that peanut butter rubbed into the hair will remove chewing gum. Worth a try to avoid cutting the hair. Kids will be kids.

  3. If this happens again, gum in the hair, any oil will help the gum to let go, it breaks down the sticky, like vegatable oil, olive oil you get the idea. Think of it like dough and using oil not help it not stick to your hands. Better than peanut butter because some people have allergies to peanuts. I think no more gum for Logan should be considered. Since we can not keep the gum in it's proper place.....but this may not help him learn remorse. Maybe losing something dear to him, so he can experience the same level of loss as a girl getting her hair messed up.