Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reni's birthday gift

Today Reni received a birthday gift from Nana Babooshka.  Yes, that's what we call my mom as that was what stuck when Irina & Max arrived home.   Though most the time they call her Nana. 

Reni, waiting to open up her present.

She also sent some things for some of the girls. And, a cool Christmas ornament for our tree.  An rv.  Pretty cool.  

Reni, checking out all her clothes.  Alyona, still upset about the hair. 

Summer with her bathing suit.  Well, the one she wishes was hers.  LOL.

Reni, still going through her pile.  Some really cute stuff.

Summer really liked this one.

I'm guessing we have some of the same taste b/c Summer is wearing that shirt too!  LOL.

Now, Alyona is more excited.  Reni got a cute bathing suit too!  She'll be styling this summer to be sure.

Summer w/ one that is her size.  Even Little One got a cute ladybug suit.  

Thanks Nana for Reni's birthday gifts and thanks for all the goodies for the girls.  They will all be cute as can be this summer. 

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