Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nasty, naughty and nachos

Okay, we're still alive.  And I know I'm beyond way behind.  But other things have been happening around here lately that frankly took precedence over blogging.  Kids are doing well.  Can't complain.  I could but it won't help.  They are getting spring fever.  So am I.  We're dealing with it.  We all love to be outside.   Hard to want to do work.  Though, outside on the picnic table some now.  That's pleasant.  Tomorrow we have a prosthetic appointment for 2 of the kids.  Nice when you can knock more than one appointment out.  Thought I'd share a few pics as of late. 

Yep, Shrek's swamp is back this year.  Though, it looks a bit artistic.

Warren thought it resembled a Starry Night.  No, just a pollen ridden pool.  We'll be draining it completely in May and filling w/ all new water.  We drain ours every 2 years.  Kids get in and scrub the vinyl top to bottom.  Shoot, we all typically get in and take turns scrubbing.  Not fun but everyone knows if you want to swim, got to keep it clean.  So, in 2 weeks, this will be gone, prepped and ready to swim in by mid-May.  Freezing by then, I'm sure.  

 This is Summer enjoying her nachos a little too much.

And this is what happens when you give little kids some nachos.  Little kids equates big mess.

Sad part is, I truly did NOT think they'd enjoy the con queso.  I thought it'd be way to spicy as Warren accidentally bought the medium one.  They devoured it!  And no, these 3 did NOT eat that whole bowl.  This was a bowl that all of us shared.  We are thinking never again w/ dip.  Now, Summer likes salsa but not the con queso.

This is what happens when you let your children watch Home Alone 3.

These are boobie traps.  ALL OVER the upstairs!  

Yarn every which way possible.  Sad part is, Warren went upstairs.  You guessed it!  Boys were hysterical, Warren was...NOT!  Girls were mad b/c a boot almost fell on top of Reni.  It was like Mission Impossible.  Granted, the traps took time.  These are not the best ones shown.  They are all down now but gee whiz.  Seriously, writers of sitcoms should come here for ideas.  They'd never run out.  Anyhow, more to come over the weekend.  Just was swamped this week.

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