Saturday, April 6, 2013

My kind of peep-le

Every Easter, my kids get peeps.  Some like them some don't.  Alex LOVES Peeps.  Always has.  One time, he decided to take on everyone at home that said he couldn't eat that many.  Too much Malcom in the Middle.  Anyone remember that episode?  LOL.  Anyhow, Alex managed to down 24 peeps one year.  Went to school the next day and I happen to be there anyways b/c I had an IEP meeting for another child.  Well, he threw up.  They told me I had to take him home.  I said it was just too many peeps, he truly is NOT sick.  They said since he threw up, he has to go.  Fine.  Made him sit w/ me during the IEP meeting.  Except he was literally running around the table, jumping up and down, etc.  I said "does he look sick to you now?"  They said not a bit but still has to go home.  Common sense...gone.  24 peeps, you will eventually throw up.   Lesson learned.  This year though they enjoyed the peeps.  Warren tried one of the chocolate covered peeps in the beginning of the season and then can't find them since.  Maybe I'll come across those again one day. If any of you do, let me know where you find them. 

Nik and Reni ready to eat theirs.

Alex definitely made sure he got his share.  And yes, he ate them all.

Not sure what faces they are trying to make here.  Just know in seconds all those peeps were gone.

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