Monday, April 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Boy is it ever!  Much to do this week to be sure.  Here's a small taste:

  • Social worker came today to do a PPR on Little One
  • Speech therapist returned
  • Purchased all our ipads over the weekend w/ our generous gift
  • Nik is dying to use it but it's charging
  • May not even need a lawyer
  • In the 80's this week
  • Windows open, pollen out
  • Someone is interested in the RV
  • Looking at travel trailers to suit our needs
  • Filled out Bulgarian Reunion registration
  • Filling out Camp Cheerio registration this evening
  • Signed up for a spring festival at Warren's work
  • Soccer practice this week
  • Cleaned house & purged much this past weekend
  • Realized some of my kids need shoes and clothing
  • Summer's summer clothes are g-o-n-e.  I'm serious, she has none left.
  • Bought Summer a few things to tide her over till I get to the consignment shops.  We went to Crazy 8.  Love that store!  If I had an unlimited budget, think I'd stay.  LOL.
  • Nik picked out the ugliest bathing suit ever
  • Nik's coil is fraying
  • Nik needs 2 new batteries and waiting for pre-approval from AB
  • Have to install many apps on all the new ipads
  • Trying to catch up with thank yous
  • Trying to help plan a family reunion
  • House is back to normal...finally
  • There is so much more going on but not much time to write
That's a very short list.  Too much going on to write it down.  But, things are going along well.  I really have nothing to complain about.  We are all healthy.  After 9 out of 14 of us being sick on and off for 2 weeks, we truly appreciate the health of all of us.  tomorrow is another gorgeous day.   We have soccer tomorrow evening.  Was going to take the homeschoolers to the park but Alex & Logan are not being the best.  And I want to enjoy it too.  Trust me, plenty of other days to enjoy outside.  Took a walk before dinner w/ quite a few of the kids.  Thought Nik had tipped the stroller back (umbrella stroller, we all do it, kids love it) or something as one was crying.  Took her out and there was a huge wasp that had stung her arm.  3 times!  Poor kiddo.  She was fine but we all know that hurt.  Have a feeling she'll have an aversion to t hat stroller.  All the other kids were recounting their wasp horror stories.  Got to go.  Enjoy your evening folks.  

1 comment:

  1. Cannot wait until the Bulgarian Reunion!!

    So sorry about little one being stung! Hopefully she won't hate the stroller as those are life savers!

    See you in 2 months!