Monday, April 1, 2013

Manic Monday

Wow, a lot went on last week.  This week, hoping to be not so busy.  Here goes:

  • planting outside today (mostly clean up)
  • kids in public school are on spring break
  • Yana comes home today
  • flooring in girls' room was put down
  • insulation still not in
  • everyone frustrated about the room
  • chocolate overload today
  • cleaning house today
  • Logan most likely has strep throat
  • need to go to bank
  • Alaska got a bath
  • Digby needs a bath
  • still finding granola in my room
  • sorting all kids' shoes today
  • registering for Camp Cheerio today.  Wahoo!!!
  • no April Fool's jokes planned today
  • can't wait to see about going to the Apple Store
  • Reni's birthday is Tuesday
  • Logan went to doc.  No strep but viral.  Antibiotics in case it gets worse
  • working on paperwork again
  • Digby is feeling much, much better
  • can't wait to spend a ton of time outside this week
  • no speech therapy this week
  • calling contractor today
  • Nik's eval forms are becoming priority this week
  • think we'll finish up the basics of the Civil War
  • lost $350 check.  On a mission to find it.
  • still no state refund in yet
  • lawyers are expensive (just a general observation)
  • many great gifts to tell you all about recently
  • need to go downtown to pick up marriage cert copies and criminal background checks
  • Max is working today
  • Irina is working today
much, much, much more going on at Chaos Manor lately.  But, really on a mission to get papers done today and out today.   We can do it! 

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  1. It sounds like you might be adopting again.????????