Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday

Yep, feels like a Friday.  Gave the kids a spelling test today, talked about insects (new topic we're studying), did reading, had speech, and watched a documentary on fire ants.  Makes me want to go out and buy a big bag of ant killer!  It was very interesting though and held all our interests.  Even the littles watched it.  Reni said she's never going barefoot again.  I'm organizing all their cubbies and seeing what all we have left to do by the end of the year in terms of workbooks and various things.  Next week I am determined to order testing materials.  Our homeschool will probably run longer this year as we've had a few more off days this semester than we should have.  Nice that we have the flexibility to run longer though.  Summer we take a break.  This year, trying to decide if we should send Logan, Alex and Alyona onto middle school or not.  Very undecided at the moment.  Pros and cons to both.

We have soccer practice tonight for Alex & Logan.  Only an hour so not bad.  Afterwards, probably go to Lowes.  Super double coupons so I sorted a few out that will be free or dirt cheap.  If there were only coupons for milk.  And no, not the $6 or $7 organic milk coupons either.  LOL.  $1 off a $7 gallon of milk is not a bargain.  Milk is one of our most consumed items in this house and something that is costly.  After Lowes, I want to get a lot of organizing done tonight and maybe watch a movie.  Simple. 

We wake up early for sure tomorrow.  Summer's game is first.  Coming home, Max & Warren haul off the trash.  Such a glamorous life we lead.  Eat lunch and back out to soccer games.  Hoping to get yard work done tomorrow and if decent, go to one of the local parks for a little fun.  Simple weekend.  Need it b/c there is going to be a lot packed into the month of May and June.  Kids are going to be busy.  We're going strawberry picking, carnival at Warren's work for everyone, Camp Cheerio, Memorial Day weekend cookout, 2 concerts for Bojan, Irina's graduation, tons of end of school stuff to attend, summer vacation, cleaning out the pool (all weekend job), Max's surgery and much, much more.  With all this going on, we welcome a semi-non-eventful weekend this weekend knowing it will be one of our lasts until the end of July!  But, we're ready.  So are the kids.  We enjoy this time of year and being together.  Okay, so by mid-August, I'd say we'd had enough of each other.   

More to come later in posts but must get to soccer practice soon.  One question before I go.  I have 2 little ones that will most likely be in diapers for some time.  Despite my gallant effort in wanting things to happen at record speed in potty training, I'm having serious doubts.  I do NOT want a 'green' debate on here or anything like that.  I want to know if at this point cloth diapers may be the way to go for these two?  One will most likely be trained before the other.  However, due to transitions and such, focusing on bonding would be best at the moment.  Knowing that, trying to think if it would be more cost effective to do cloth diapers.  I've seen a bunch of different varieties.  I know nothing about cloth diapers as we've always used disposables.  Just curious on thoughts.  Do you like them?  Do you not?  Worth it?  cost effective?  Do any of you do a mix?  Would love to get opinions from folks.  Okay, do need to go.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I use cloth on my toddlers. It is more work, but not terribly so. If you want cheap, Indian prefolds and snappis are the way to go. Don't bother with the walmart prefolds, they're a waste of money. Gerber plastic pants are cheap for covers, but fall apart quickly. I like proraps covers. Don't skip the covers or everything you own will smell like pee. is where I ordered initially, now I usually get stuff through Amazon. A simple diaper sprayer diy can be made by adding a sprayer from a kitchen sink into the water supply pipe for your toilet. I recommend adding a shut-off valve or the kids will hose the bathroom down! I make my own detergent, equal parts ivory soap (shredded on a cheese grater) oxygen bleach and washing soda works well on our diapers, but you'll need to 'strip' the diapers about once a month or two by washing them with dawn dish liquid. I've never had ph problems using this system.

  2. I got some to try for my son, since he was consistantly pee through disposibles. Only ended up using some shells. If you decide to go that way you are welcome to what I have. We live in Holly Springs, so not to far. It isn't a full set by any mea., but its something. Also check diaper swappers for deals and the lingo. Have great info on what is what.

  3. I LOVE cloth diapers! I have been using them for 3y3m (since my oldest was born). We now have two children and we have spent LESS THAN $300 for all of their cloth diapering needs in that time. (Note that this does not include disposables that we have bought from time to time.)

    We use bumGenius one size pocket diapers. They have a snap system that allows them to fit babies from 8 pounds to potty training (or about 35 pounds). We love our bumGenius diapers but they are more on the expensive side of cloth diapering. We also use some prefolds with covers. I like flip covers (made by bumGenius) and Econobaby prefolds. has the best prices and excellent customer service.

    We use cloth wipes that I made (extremely easy to make) with a spray bottle of water instead of disposables wipes. Although we do use disposable wipes for BM once the baby reaches toddlerhood.

    We use only cloth diapers with the exception of when we travel on a long trip and don't have access to a washer/dryer OR when our girls have a yeast rash and we have to put medicated cream and rash cream on them.

    You need a special detergent, you can ruin your diapers if you don't use one that is cloth diaper approved because it will clog the pores of the diapers and make them repel liquid. We use Country Save and it's pretty cheap if you buy a case on Amazon. A case of 6 boxes lasts use a LONG time. It's also nice because you can use it on your clothing as well.

    You will probably come up with your own washing routine as you go, but we do: cold wash with 1T of det., hot wash with 1T of det., rinse, dry. It's VERY easy and truly not any more time consuming than constantly running to the store for diapers.

    Also, cloth diapers have a great resale value, so you can plan on geting back a nice chunk of money when you are totally done with them. I'm happy to answer other questions if you have them!


  4. I love cloth diapers, and for ease and expense, I'd recommend prefolds with flip covers (I love I have less success with messy diapers with prefolds (more messes on the cover, but very rarely an actual blowout), but the price can't be beat. Cloth diapering toddlers is harder than little babies, but still worth it, in my opinion. Although, we ended up using disposables at night starting at about 15 months because we couldn't keep him from peeing through and soaking the sheets (he slept 12 hours, and would even occasionally pee through the 12 hour diapers).

    As far as cost, from what I figured, it's a wash if you're just using cloth for one kid (unless you do really well reselling them...but prefolds won't resell as well as fitted or pocket diapers). It's when you use them again for a second kid that you start really saving money. I'd say that you'd be saving if there's a chance that you'll have kids in diapers after these. What might make sense saving money is to get enough cloth diapers for one kid and then when one is potty trained, you'll have them still for the one still in diapers. It might not make sense financially to buy enough cloth diapers for two kids if one will be out of diapers relatively soon.

    We use Rockin' Green detergent (buy on Amazon or from the Rockin' Green wesite), and find it's cost effective and works better than anything else we've tried. We don't even have to strip diapers anymore. I would recommend a diaper sprayer and two big "wet bags" (reusable waterproof laundry bag) with a large trashcan with a lid. The wet bag is used like a trashbag in the can and you just haul the whole thing to the laundry every couple of days.

    As for washing, we soak poopy (sprayed off) diapers in "funk rock" from Rockin' Green, and then wash everything on hot with a double rinse with regular Rockin' Green detergent. We also add a little borax to each load and it helps with smell and stains. With two in diapers, I was doing an extra load of laundry every other day, now with only one, I do it about every three days (when I run out of diapers), but it's usually a medium size load instead. I also wash all the baby clothes, etc. with the diapers and it's never been a problem--everything comes clean with no smell. We dry them until they're still pretty damp, and hang dry the rest of the way, saving on a lot of drying cost. You can hang them straight out of the dryer to save more money, but they end up pretty stiff.

  5. This is the first time I have ever commented on your blog but I've been following you for some time now. I attend Camp Cheerio. Last year I had Alex, Alyona, and Logan. I have a big bag of cloth diapers if you decide that is what you would want to use. I could bring them to you at camp this year. You can email me at if you are interested in having them.
    Kristen (Aka TJ's sister)