Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it cold in NC??

Only if you go to the snow cone place!  The other day it was just beautiful outside and we wanted to kick off the spring time.  We fell in love with Pelican's last year.  A snow cone place here.  Just enough of a sweet treat w/ only 100 calories to boot.  LOL.  Plus, with the playground next door, perfect for everyone.  So, we headed with some other friends of ours to check it out.

First we have to decide on over 100 flavors.  No easy task.  Nik wanted coffee.  Yuck!  But, he  and Logan ate it.

Reni enjoying her cotton candy flavor.

Some of the kids just hanging out.

And, since room in the van, we brought one of the girls' friends.  She'll hate me for this picture so shh, don't tell her it's in here.  LOL.

Alex, enjoying his snow cone.  Can't you just see the clear blue Carolina sky in the background?  It was just beautiful out and we really did enjoy ourselves.  More to come with playground pictures.  

Summer loving her snow cone.  Got her cotton candy.  She is my sweet tooth.  Her and Little One LOVE sweet stuff.  And I mean love it.  

Well,  have some playground pics from here as well.  I'll share those too.  Lots going on this weekend so didn't have much time to blog.  Hopefully, this week. 

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