Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bubble fun

Today we had soccer practices.  It's also Reni's birthday which will be a separate post.  Just a short post this evening as I still have paperwork to do.  Beginning to really hate paper.  But, we all understand on these journeys we take that it is indeed a process.  Albeit slow, but a process.  Sunday was Easter and I still have those pics.  But later in the day, the kids went out to play w/ the bubbles they had gotten.  Sorry I can't show all the pics but truly, it was not just Nik playing. 

Such concentration.  Really cool the big bubbles they made w/ these.

We improvise at our house.  Plastic bin lid serves as a big bubble supplier.

Why this showed up here, no idea.  Some of the girls enjoying one of the games we received from a friend.  Notice the mess behind them?!  Piles of games, diapers, clothes, aquarium, etc.  We had to move everything out of the room so insulation could be blown in there.  Kitchen is it's current refuge.  Tomorrow though, it should be able to be moved back in.  Wahoo!!!

He looks so happy, doesn't he?!  He was blowing bubbles for all the little girls and they were just having a ball.

Do you think Summer had fun too?  You better believe it.  They all had a great time with the bubbles.  So much so, they used ALL the bubble solution.  Need to make some soon.  

Well, need to get going.  Dog gone Bojan cracked his socket tonight.  How?  No clue.  Those things are usually durable.  He also is due for a new socket as his height has changed big time and socket is no longer fitting.  Love how he tells us last minute at age 14.  You'd think as it's not starting to fit the kid would speak up.  It's like when my kids' shoes get 2 sizes too small.  Didn't you know it was small?  Wasn't it tight?  Unreal!  No mom.  One day, I'd love to visit inside their heads for just one day.  More to come tomorrow.

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