Monday, April 1, 2013

Blessing beyond measure

On Friday, we received a card in the mail.  It had a gift card in it with some instructions of how to find out what exactly was on the gift card.  It was to the Apple Store.  I have never even been to an Apple Store.  I don't even own a cell phone and my husband's phone is through work.  We don't have ipads in this home, no fancy computers.  In fact, just one computer we all share.  Teens have their ipod touches they bought w/ their own money but other than that, not much technology here. 

I have said on here that we'd love to have ipads for the kids.  My speech therapist tries to explain the benefits and Nik & Summer both use one.  The Littles will be using one soon in a few months as well.  We tried to buy a cheap imitation tablet but didn't have the apps on it we needed and couldn't add them.  We needed an Apple Ipad.  My kids all needed the special needs apps.  They really do.  With recent happenings around here, the spare money was not there.  It just wasn't.  We received more than a generous gift.  This is life changing.  It truly is for my kids. 

With the amount, we will be able to get 2 ipads w/ all the apps necessary.  We may even be able to get three ipads!  One will be filled completely with developmental apps./ learning apps.  One will be filled completely with ASL/ speech apps and things.   One will be filled w/ specific learning/ OT type things.  The children will share and it will be monitored to be sure.  These are not 'toys' but are learning tools.  This will make their lives so much better believe it or not.  Their potential is endless.  It really is.   The people who donated this gift certificate to our family/ kids wishes to remain anonymous and I respect that.  I'm just not sure they truly grasp how life changing this is and just how much it will help my children.  We've already seen the difference in Nik using one when he has speech therapy.  He practices talking with it and it talks back! 

We are very excited about getting to go to the Apple Store.  I have been told by others that at our Apple Store there is even someone who knows ASL and will be able to assist w/ all sorts of apps.  I was told to make sure we plan on being there a couple of hours.  Yikes!  If anyone has any tips or helpful things we should know, please feel free to share.  We want to do as much as we can with this generous gift in order to better educate and help our kids learn in life.  I am very excited about this wonderful opportunity that has been given to my children.  To know that there are others that care about them as much as we do, is just awesome.  It is a wonderful opportunity that we will not take for granted.  Thank you is not enough.  I can't wait to see the look on their faces.  I'll be able to practice speech with 4 of them and our therapists will be able to show us what all they can work on.  I just am about to explode with joy.  Our therapists are off this week so haven't told them yet.  To say this was a blessing would be a grave understatement.  It was indeed a blessing beyond measure.  For you can't put a measure on potential.  These ipads will aid in my kids' potential without a doubt. 


  1. So you will need to check out the website they have reviews on educational apps and have free app Friday (some are free, some are reduced in price).

  2. At my school we use Prologuo for our non-verbal students. It is amazing to see them communicate their needs.