Saturday, April 6, 2013

And you live in this mess?!

Yes, that's the thought I'm having about the social worker coming here Monday.  Will she understand that a remodel takes lots and lots of time.  Typically, longer than you anticipate it taking originally.  Will someone from the outside looking in understand this:

The chaos, the disorganization that comes w/ moving 5 girls into a new room.

Or the mounds of laundry piled sky high from the boys.  We cleaned their room today too as it housed some of the girls things.  We discovered how Alex, Logan and Nik have been cleaning their rooms as of late.  Bulldozing it all under the bed!  

Is this even a kitchen any more?!  We went to Target and TJMaxx last night so Reni could spend some of her birthday money.  Shoot, this is the time I wished we'd have ordered pizza instead of having to cook in this mess.  No, we didn't.  We had kilbasea tonight.   Something simple.  

Yes, Yana probably won't like this pic too much but oh well.  She's helping to mop up the room.  It is insulated and painted now.  Wahoo!!  Let the mess begin.

Warren is working on painting an old desk.  He's taped it up and will do the border color tomorrow.  Used what we had on hand.  I'll take a pic of the finished product tomorrow.  Worked out great b/c now the younger girls have a desk, Irina & Yana as well.

I know, we haven't repainted our yardsale armoire yet.  give it time.  This is the one wall by the door.  Reni and Alyona's bunks.

Camera hog is at it again.  Still need to paint some of the trim as you can see.  We'll be getting shelving for the closets but no time soon.  Shelving is expensive!  Had no idea till I went to Lowes the other day.

Had these arranged differently until Little One told me she wanted them together.  Fine.  Trouble makers.  LOL.  These are the two toddler beds.

You don't even have to guess who's bed this is w/ Dora decor.  Summer is all about Dora.  Camera hog wanted another shot.

Little bigger view.  On the left that desk will go w/ an aquarium on it.  We still need a new light for the room.  Probably will put a ceiling fan in there.  Still can't believe the flooring is peel and stick.  Looks so real.  Need blinds too.

Max, goofing around w/ t he shop vac.  I know it's still in the messy stage and not everything is where it should be at the moment.  But, for now, it's where it will be for a week or two till we decide what works best.  All 5 girls are asleep in their new room.  Ahh.  Great sound and the rest of us have our rooms back!  I'll take pics eventually when all is cleaned up and in place.  For now, we're just very excited it's done. 


  1. Haha, right there with you with the mess. I could go around my house this second and take a picture to match each one of yours. Same mess, different location.

    I kind of like the armoire's green in that room with the other colors. I would only change the designs in the doors. Maybe you could just glue on cork board or something and let each girl have a rectangle to put up favorite photos, art work, and other memories.

  2. My house is just as bad if not worse with one kid! I think the problem is the mother. Room looks great!