Monday, April 1, 2013

And the floor is down

Many of you have recently caught on to happenings with our family.  Especially, the locals who've seen us out and about.  For those in the blog world, they've noticed we've acquired 'Big Bird' due to outgrowing the old van.  You've seen us remodelling to allow for more space in the house.  Yes, these things are all leading towards adoption.  Due to the nature of everything and the circumstances this time, it will be more tight lipped so to speak.  This adoption is different than any other that we've done.  And that's okay.  I've learned something with every single adoption we've done and am learning once again from this adoption.  I can tell  you this, we are very much at peace and very happy.  I honestly can not wait to share more.  When  you're filled with joy, you want to shout it from the mountains.  It has got to be one of the hardest part of any adoption.  Me not being able to share pictures of my kids before we got them was just as hard as hard can be.  I wanted to show people Logan, Reni and Summer so others could see what I saw.  Trust me, you'll have your fill of pictures once all is said and done.  For now, that is all I will say.  I said it b/c I've been getting many more questions and emails lately so wanted to come out and share a little of the mystery of missing posts, tired eyes, etc.  LOL. 

The flooring went down this past weekend in the girls' new room.

Love the natural light coming into the room.

Still not done painting but won't take long at all.  needs a second coat.  Max put the entire flooring down all by himself.  Looks great I think.

An up close of the flooring.  It is peel and stick tile made to look like hardwood flooring.  It is just .98 a sq. foot.  We priced carpet but was way out of budget and knew they'd get nail polish or slime or something on it.  

The insulation was supposed to go in yesterday.  It is going in tomorrow.  Finally.  Then, we'll be moving our girls in.  All of them.  The house will return to normal for a change.  Can't wait to show you all the final results.  We realized today we're going to need blinds.  Duh.  So, may be sheets for a week or two just so we can move them in and not wait on blinds.  We'll see.  Just thought I should share the progress of the room.

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  1. The floor came out gorgeous! Max is so handy, he did a wonderful job. The color is very serene and calming. Want to do mine next? :)