Sunday, March 31, 2013

You just have to laugh

Okay, so I know I've been fairly quiet about a few things as of late.  And, due to circumstances, must not say a whole lot.  But, but tonight is just too funny not to share.  I can laugh now.  Some moments, you wish you could capture on film.  This was one of those times to be sure.  We put the 'littles' to bed.  They were quiet so thought it was all okay.  Should have been a sheer sign there was trouble brewing.  Anyhow, Warren walks into the bedroom.  Feels something weird on his feet.  Then quickly notices the beds are emptied.  Turns on the light and finds the littles covered in what he at first thinks is sand.  Upon closer observation, realizes it is a Sam's sized bag of strawberry granola pieces.  We thought we had everything out of reach.  did not think they'd search the drawers for things to dump.  See, we have to hide food here and there in our room b/c we have so many FASers.  Lack of impulse control can be a bad thing at times.  So, some items we must keep hidden until use. 

The bedding, pajamas, dog, flooring, etc. was covered in this stuff.  They were happily sitting in their pile of sensory seeking granola.  LOL.  So, three brooms, 2 dust pans and 2 screaming littles later, we got the room fairly clean.  Changed their bedding and everything else.  The crying started when they discovered they were busted.  Seriously didn't think that bag held that much granola pieces.  Looks different spread out all across a bedroom.  They were content as could be playing in that stuff.  My partners in crime.  Thinking baby monitor or hidden cameras soon.  This surely would have ended up on AFV (America's Funniest Videos).  Typically, they have as of late, stripped down naked and gone into the bathroom screaming and singing w/ delight in the shower.  Thankfully, they can't reach the lever yet.  Give them time.  Yes, we are kept on our toes to be sure!  Just was too funny not to share.  Surprised I had time tonight to do four posts.

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