Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time for some color

Last weekend we decided to paint the girls' downstairs bathroom.  We wanted something other than a light pastel as it just gets too dirty with this many kids and little ones running around.  Girls and I found a shower curtain at Target and decided that's what we want.  Something to pop.  It's a very, very small bathroom but doesn't mean you can't add a little style, right?

Being that there isn't much room to take pictures, had to chop it up a bit.  Warren and Max put in a new faucet as the other one was so worn out.  All the white trim will be painted this week.  Wanted to make sure the green was totally dry before taping it.  This is the girls' bathroom.

Changed out the picture too.  Found one laying around the house that seemed to work well w/ the color scheme in here.  Warren thinks it looked like Kermit threw up but I beg to differ.  

A view of it all.  And yes, those rounded hotel shower curtain rods are great and do give tiny shower spaces much more room.  In this picture, we didn't have the towels hung up yet.  

This is a shot from the door.  We have to get  a new bath rug yet but hasn't made our to do list.  Just next time we're at Target.  I made the mistake years ago trying white.  You can tell how well that one worked.  We may try orange for a punch of color.  Not sure yet.  We're all pretty happy w/ the way it turned out.  We'll finish up the trim and be done.  And credit here goes to Yana who decided she wanted to be sole painter on the project.  

This is one of the many, many things we've been up to.  Kids are taking a break right now.  They did reading, writing, spelling and math this morning.  We'll be talking about the Civil War and then Ocean Life in a few minutes.  Kiddos are down for a nap.  Sickness is leaving but that's for another post.  Nice to be getting back on track w/ multiple things.  And very nice to see my kids are starting to get fractions. 

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