Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Phew, my week really has slipped away from me.  I will get back to normal but it has been a truly hectic week w/ tons going on.  Again, sorry to not be able to share a whole lot right now.  In time, I promise I will.   Now, is not that time.  Trust me, you couldn't even guess if you tried.  But this is why we've been so busy lately and the kids starting soccer.  It will mellow out but will take a little bit of time.  It's already Thursday so time for some proud moments here.

Irina-- She is stepping up and teaching the ASL class tomorrow as the teacher will be out.  Rather proud of her for taking charge and not being afraid to.

Max-- Max was a huge help getting the new room ready.  Summer and her friend from the neighborhood were checking out the new space that will soon be her room.

Yana-- very thoughtful to help Reni with her homework the other night.  Well, school work.  She spent an hour of her time w/ her!  Much appreciated.

Bojan-- Bojan did something the other day to a neighbor.  Well, his friend's mom.  He wrote an apology to her for the behavior and will be delivering it soon.  I know most are thinking that is not something to be proud of but if they recognized their wrong, I think it is.  

Alyona--  The other day Alyona saw I was busy with dinner( it was a late night) and offered to give the little ones a bath for me.  Very thoughtful of her for sure.

Alex-- Alex has really started working on his school work on his own.  Came to the dining room this morning and he was the only one working.  Proud of him.

Logan-- Logan has had a rough week.  I'll be honest.  But, he has thoughtfulness too even during those times.  Logan has been working a lot with Nik lately on art drawings.  They have been working very well together and taking time.

Reni-- Reni was the only one that listened the other night when Warren and I went out to do some errands.  Out of ALL the kids, the only one to do her chores and shower.  We were very proud of her for that.

Summer-- Little One got out of the booster the other day and dumped all the noodles all over the floor.  Huge mess.  Summer ran as fast as she could to the broom and dust pan and said I'll get it!  Very proud of her.

Nik-- really being supportive of the most recent house guest and helping out more than I expected him to.  Very thoughtful of him especially, some of his gestures.  Love seeing this side of Nik.  He always has been sweet but I'm noticing it more and more lately.

Little One-- We have another house guest and Little One has been welcoming with open arms, and showing her all around. 

Much more to come this weekend.  So many updates to give and happenings around here.  For now, tomorrow is science and not one experiment ready.  All the ones I find either require heat, a few days to execute or expensive materials.  Already done all the basic ones.  Working on it.  Only have this week and next week and then we're done which will lighten the load a bit.  I can't do the teaching thing again.  It's just too much time for me.  Volunteer yes, teach no.  Just not my forte as I've found out.  I give teachers a lot of credit.  More to come.

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