Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a long time and it really is deserved.  For parents of children w/ behavioral mental health issues, it can be hard at times to always find the positive.  Things in our home get broken every week.  (no cause and effect thinking will do that).  It's a learning process and continues as the kids age.  We try to find at least one positive or thoughtful thing they've done for the week.  Doesn't matter who they are.  All deserve the recognition.  We called them Proud Moments & have done them on and off throughout the year.  So, here are a few lately.

Max-- took down the garage door all by himself to prepare the girls' new room.  He's been helping out a lot lately w/ things around the house since he knows Warren is very limited now by his knee.

Bojan-- Has been taking the dog for Max these past few nights since Max has been falling asleep.  Max has been doing more homework and work around the house as of late and then just crashing.  Bojan was being thoughtful and picking up the slack of that chore.  

Alex-- behaved very well at his grandparents house.  I appreciated this very much.  Readjustment since being back has been very rough but we'll get there.  Glad he was good for them though.

Logan-- I looked outside the other day and saw Logan go and push Little One on the swings for a few minutes versus playing soccer w/ his sibs.  Was a sweet thing to do.

Nik-- He asked Summer to sleep w/ him upstairs while the boys were gone.  He didn't want to be alone but thought very sweet of him to ask Summer.  He really does love her. 

Irina-- Has been great at being the teacher's assistant for me.  She helps check the kids' work, works with them, etc. 

Yana-- Asked her little sister Reni to go walking with her.  Just thought it was nice of her to ask versus running out the door.  She also volunteered to pain the bathroom this weekend. 

Alyona--She has been helping Summer with her numbers and letters.  Really and truly working with her and taking her time.  Just thoughtful of her to do for her.

Reni-- Has really been helping a lot lately with Little One.  If she sees I'm busy  cooking and a diaper needs changing or something, she's the one who volunteers.  Just been helping out with her.  We're currently trying to get Little One to see that someone other than Mom can do things as well. 

Summer--  She is very concerned about Little One and making sure all her needs are met.  Loves to play with her and loves her.  It is really sweet to watch but was proud of Summer for putting herself in this role. 

Much, much more to come.  We haven't not fallen off the face of the earth. 


  1. I love these posts :) You have great kids.

  2. Who's little one? Thought summer was little one till the last post

  3. You have me confused. I thought Little One WAS Summer. ??