Friday, March 15, 2013

Soccer practice

First soccer practice took place the other night.  Tuesday.  We took a bunch of the kids with us.

Logan, trying to practice some moves.

Summer, hanging out with friends.

Reni, getting ready to practice.  She loves soccer.


Nik collecting balls to juggle while Reni practices soccer on the field.

Showing her little sister how to do things.

Alex getting ready to practice his juggling after we told him he couldn't juggle soccer balls.  He set out to prove us wrong.

Summer, really concentrating on the game.

Yes, juggling.

Out of the boys, Alex was the one who could keep the juggling going w/ the soccer balls.  

Not sure what all Nik is doing here.

Buddies hanging out on the field together.  Brothers all the way.  Both need a haircut, I know.  Just been one thing after another this week so haircuts had to wait just a little longer. Well, need to go to soccer tonight w/ Logan and Alex practicing.  Games don't start till next week I believe.  Got to go.  Another Little is up from napping.  More to come.  Big weekend here to be sure!

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  1. I am soooo jealous! Shorts in March must be so nice. We're still bundled up in NJ, although the sun is finally shining on and off. :)