Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Silly faces

Have to finish quite a pile of paperwork to be notarized tomorrow and get to where it needs to be so this will be a relatively short post.  Plus, we had 3 hours worth of soccer practice this evening. 

Summer doing I have no idea what.  Definitely trying to be silly.

Yana and her friend goofing around after they had just made cookies.

I caught Alex right wen he was asking me a question on his school work.  

Not so much silly as disgusting.  Berry flavored Kix in his mouth.

Summer sitting down w/ Little One to watch some tv.  What you don't see is how they set up the entire mantel as a party area decked out in Dora.  Happy Birthday streamers and all.  Oh, and the fashionista dressed herself again.

And this is the true Summer.  LOL.  She is so sassy and full of spunk.  I think Little One may be hanging around her a bit too much.  She's catching on.  

Just some silly faces for the evening. I know I haven't been posting as many pictures and there is a good reason for that.   Certain things can not be posted quite yet and since my pictures tend to include everyone or whoever is there at the moment, it has become limiting in a sense.  And that's perfectly fine.  I do believe you'll have a barrage of pictures in the future to play catch up on.  LOL.  Tomorrow is Wednesday and lots to be done.  A family reunion is going to be held at our house during July.  Yikes!  Need to get planning and cleaning.  Will be fun though I'm sure.  Much, much more to do.  enjoy your evening everyone.  I'm slowly getting back to a post a day.  Wahoo!  Progress. 

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