Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sickness and storage

I thought we'd make it the entire winter season w/ no illness.  Not so.  Logan, Alex and Little One have been 'hit' w/ the bug this week. 

This is how you know Alex is sick.  He stops.  No longer in motion.  And, when he's sick like this, I can not give him any of his regular meds.  Also plays a part in temperature regulating I feel.  Our goal when he gets sick is to keep him as hydrated as humanly possible.  It's vital for when he gets well.

When you're sick, you don't care who's comforter you have.  My kids, especially my Russian kids, get very high temps when sick.  It is not uncommon for them to be 104/ 105 during an illness.  The first time it happened to Max, scared me to death.  Now I know it's just their body's way of reacting to illness.  You learn with each child. Bojan's face gets white as a ghost when sick and his eyes bloodshot.  Must say, it's creepy looking.  

Great news is today Alex is back to his normal self.  Little One was up at 1:30 am.  But, she is napping and hopefully turning a corner too.  No fever since yesterday for her and no fever for Alex today.  Just glad they're feeling better.

Okay, pics got out of order and camera hog made me take one.  Nik standing in front of the new wardrobe.

Paint color is more of a robin's egg blue.  Beachy feel.  We all love it.  That wall in the back is all closet.  This just shows a small section of it. 

You can vaguely see the wall color in the background and that was the first coat.  Anyhow, this is the wardrobe Irina and I found at a yardsale the other day.  Just $40.  I know we'll eventually paint it but for now, it will stay this way till we have a little more time and can drag it outside in the spring.  It was handmade for the family and well built.  We could not even buy lumber for this price any more.

This is a full view of the inside of it.  As you can see, tons of storage.  Love how far part the shelves are for sure.  Room for everyone. 

Slowly but surely this room will come together.  Our biggest obstacle is the insulation crew.  That is the ONLY hold up.  Max and Bojan are vacuuming the floors tonight and putting a coat of lacquer on.  It dries instantly.  Tired of waiting for the crew to come and go.  After this is put on, we can lay the tile down.  I truly wanted to wait as to not mess up the floor but these people are so dog gone slow, I can't take it any more.  IF they do not show tomorrow, we are renting the equipment and doing it ourselves.  Only reason we didn't do that prior is this is the one area where we have zilch experience in and would rather a professional do it.  We'll see.  Just wanted you to see a glimpse of what we've been up to as far as getting storage settled in and the girls' room ready.  And not to mention dealing w/ a little bit of sickness.  Trust me, Alex is totally making up for it today.  More to come later. 


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better! The wardrobe is adorable; that really was a great yard sale find.

  2. Love the wardrobe.

    Rex is like Alex... when he is sick, he just lies down and sleeps for hours. Just anywhere he can rest his head and out for 18-24 with brief awakenings to drink/eat. Used to scare me, too, but now that I know how his body does it, I find it pretty efficient.