Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nature Center Field Trip

On Thursday, we got together w/ friends and went to our local Nature Center for a field trip.  They have things called discovery days.  This one was about frogs. 

Irina was helping out with the life cycle of the frog.

Summer and Reni coloring the life cycle.  Then, they glued it onto a paper plate.

The girls learning what different sounds the frogs make.  Umm, Little One and Summer had a bit too much fun w/ this experiment.

Some of the kids really looking at the frogs.  They had two big bullfrogs there so the kids really liked those.

Logan, working on one of his frogs.

Reni and Irina enjoying some time outside.  After we learned a few things about frogs, we then went to the park.

Kids always have someone to play with.  No socialization issues here.  LOL.

Alex fell and said he heard something crack.  He's always afraid of his  broken bone getting worse.  He has some rare thing on his arm w/ a bone growing out of a bone.  Easily can break off but they won't do surgery till it actually breaks off. Honestly, it's kind of hard to explain.  Anyhow, in the back of his mind, he's always nervous when he hears a crack that it's broken.  He's fine.  Just got the wind knocked out of him.

Summer has grown in so, so many ways these past few months.  Been incredible to witness.  She has fit into her new role extremely well and takes the lead now.  Very proud of how far she has come.

No, we're not at the beach but the park.  I just thought this was a cute one of Nik.  Hard to get pics of the boys as they are always in motion going every which direction.  We had a great time hanging out with friends and also really good time learning about frogs.  It was a gorgeous day as well.  Our next field trip we're going to the aquarium.  With a picnic on the beach.  Should be fun for all.  More pictures to share for sure. 

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  1. Stephanie, if I may ask did you have time to send some photos of Summer to her orphanage in Bulgaria to share with them what an amazing girl she became? It is difficult to believe that it was only a little more than a year she came in your awesome family.