Friday, March 22, 2013

Max's drawings

One day, I'll have to get him to make a vase of flowers for me. 

A view of the garbage truck and some other things essential to garbage collecting such as trash bins.

I think he was proud how it turned out.  He loves anything mechanical.  Prefers pencil or fine tip sharpies.  All done w/ just a straight edge and his eye.

A closer view of it.  Not sure why he chose a garbage truck for his assignment at school but whatever floats your boat. 

May or may not be more posts later.  I am sick as sick can be.  Haven't been this sick in years.  Whatever the kids had, it mutated much worse before it came to me.  No sleep.  I've had a cracker, a little water, and some fried rice (leftovers).  I've managed to keep it down but have lost my appetite for sure.  Needless to say, no homeschool academy today.  Waiting for normal to return.  I'd love a nap but in this home, impossible. 

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